12 Jun 2017 Marseille (France)

The first workshop on Quantum Simulation Models in Marseille


Quantum simulation has recently established itself as an area of study in quantum physics that merges fundamental and applied questions. Such an interaction results in a more operational understanding of some aspects of quantum mechanics in terms of nature description. The idea to simulate the dynamics of a quantum system by a quantum device was first introduced by Richard Feynman in a seminal article in 1982 and developed in different frameworks, from quantum optics to condensed matter physics. From that moment the interest for quantum simulators is increased and many of them has been used extensively used for the comprehension a large spectrum of relativistic physical phenomena.


The proposed one-day workshop QSM17 will be specifically devoted to three main aims:

(i) to bring interdisciplinary researchers from all area of quantum simulation, especially of high-energy physics, and information theory together to discuss recents works and future directions of research;

(ii) to enforce the local scientific collaboration on quantum information research and trying to build a first embryo of a quantum information network based in Marseille. The workshop will be open to graduated students, young and senior researchers from computer science, physics, biology and engineering;

(iii) to co-ordinate and involve the Aix-Marseille University’s quantum community in european and national projects addressing the major challenges in quantum information and quantum simulation.


Scientific Committee:

Viv Kendon
Joint Quantum Center , Durham University (UK)

Stephane Attal
Camille Jordan Institute (Laboratoire de Mathématique, UMR 5208), Université de Lyon 1

Sauro Succi
IAC-CNR, Rome and Physics Department, Harvard University (USA)

Fabio Sciarrino
Quantum Optics Group, Rome University - Sapienza (Italy)

Thomas Krajewski
Centre de Physique Théorique, AMU (France)


Giuseppe Di Molfetta
Laboratoire d’Informatique Fondamentale (LIF - CNRS), Marseille


Important dates

Conference opens: 12th Juin 2017, at 9:00 am

Conference ends: 12th Juin 2017, at 18:30 pm


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